Zoloft Withdrawal Stories

“I have taken Zoloft for over 10 years. It did what I hoped it would do for me, but it was time to get off the medication. My doctor gave me a taper schedule and I followed it to the letter. The problems with Zoloft withdrawal started after 1 week.

My doctor had me skip days of taking Zoloft. After the 3’rd day of skipping Zoloft the brain zaps started and I could not work. The worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life. I stayed on the 200mg dosage of the Zoloft after that experience. Taking it every day and terrified to miss a day of the Zoloft again.

About 3 months later I had the nerve to try reducing the Zoloft again but not skipping days. I went from 200mg a day to the 150mg tablets a day. Again, 1 week into the withdrawal and brain zaps returned, flu symptoms and more. I all but gave up on being able to get off Zoloft.

I spent the next month researching and reading all I could about how to get off Zoloft. Most everything I read was generic or offered no real advice. Then I happened upon Zoloft Recovery Method. It made sense. That you have been helping people off Zoloft for the last 24 years helped quite a bit to ease my mind.

I took the withdrawal very slowly. I spent 2 years getting off the Zoloft, which for many people that may seem crazy. I took your advice; “if you are feeling good along the way, why rush the withdrawal?”

I did feel very good during the 2-year withdrawal. I am sure I could have done it faster but after my first 2 withdrawal attempts, I was not rushing this time.

No brain zaps, no flu symptoms, weight began to come off and I felt great all through the withdrawal.

I have been off Zoloft for 2 months now. No residual negative effects. I feel as though I have had a full Zoloft recovery. I can’t thank you enough.” Abby N.M. “My story about coming off Zoloft seems to be like many others. Brain zaps, feeling absolutely terrible and going back on the Zoloft again to hopefully get relief from withdrawal. Finding Zoloft Recovery Method, following their advice and becoming Zoloft free. And like the others, I feel recovered from the Zoloft. Thank you.” Cathy Los Angeles

“My son was in a car accident years ago and he recovered but I got depressed dealing with his recovery. It’s been 15 years on Zoloft. I didn’t feel bad taking the Zoloft, but my doctor thinks the Zoloft had some cause of developing diabetes and gaining weight. A friend sent me a link to your website, so I did not go through withdrawals like most others have experienced in their stories. I had a very smooth withdrawal from Zoloft. Glad I found you. I still take the supplements you suggested as well.” Ted St. Louis