Zoloft Weight Gain

The solution for Zoloft weight gain is more important than what exactly caused the Zoloft weight gain.

With that in mind, this page will deal with the solution more than it will with what the caused the Zoloft weight gain.

The solution: quiet down 2 genes that Zoloft caused to become overly active. These 2 genes are the FTO gene and the JNK gene.

How do you quiet down the 2 genes?

Remove certain things from your diet.

Add certain foods to your diet.

Take a supplement formulas to help keep the 2 genes balanced.Click here for the supplements

It’s almost misnaming this to call it a diet program. We actually want you to only try diet and exercise before you add the supplement to the mix. The right diet helps. Just reducing calories will not do the trick.

If you are like most people, removing the foods or substances you consume each day may be the most difficult. You need to stop consuming: No processed food of all types.

No frozen fish that has been prepackaged.

No raw sugars.

No fatty meat.

No full meals after 6pm.

For most of us, making those changes will be difficult. It’s the price you pay though. If you do not have an overly expressed FTO gene and JNK gene, removing the items listed above and a few casual walks each week will produce weight loss. You would not even have to do power walks.

You just as well bookmark this page now because after a month of doing the above we know you will not shed a pound and you will be trying to remember what that website was that mentioned Zoloft weight gain solutions.

You can add food to your diet to replace those on the “stop consuming list” and it will help somewhat. But that only gets your glass half full and to lose Zoloft weight gain you need to be running on a full glass.

If this was a fire, only doing the above would be like putting water on the fire but only enough to slow the spread of the fire. It will never put the fire out. What foods should you eat?

The Mediterranean diet is a good diet to follow. Plenty of veggies, fruits, lean meats. The food part is simple. This diet approach is about overall long-term health more than the pounds off the body. The pounds coming off will help with your long-term health, but our goal is not to produce swimsuit models. But healthy individuals live a long and healthy life.