Zoloft 150mg Dosage

Zoloft Withdrawal

1. You will need to have the 50mg and 100mg pills of Zoloft for the taper. Get with your prescribing physician and show them this taper method and they will write the new prescription for the Zoloft dosage.

2. Order the supplements you will need to take at this time, get a pill cutter from a local pharmacy and continue taking the 150mg Zoloft as you have until you have everything needed and are ready to begin reducing.https://ngscart.com/products/package-a Supplements you will need: Neuro Day, Neuro Night, JNK Formula, Omega 3 Supreme.

To order supplements:

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Once the supplements arrive, you are ready to begin what we call the Pre-Taper.

Week 1

How to take supplements:

Start the morning with 1 Neuro Day and two hours later take 1 JNK Formula

Take 1 Omega 3 Supreme in the morning.

In the early afternoon take; 1 Neuro day and 2 hours later 1 JNK Formula. In the afternoon, but before 4pm, take another Omega 3 Supreme.

Around 30 minutes before bedtime, take 2 Neuro Night Capsules.

Continue with this schedule throughout the Zoloft taper.

Remember; do not reduce the Zoloft during the first week.

Week 2

Take one of the 50mg Zoloft pills and cut in half and then take one of the halves and cut it in half.

You will take (1) 100mg pill, one half of the 50mg pill and one of the quarter cuts you made. This will give you 137.5mg of Zoloft each day. Take the Zoloft like this every day for the next 14 days.

Continue taking the supplements as you were.

This is the time to start watching for any signs of Zoloft withdrawal. Not likely at this stage but it is time to start watching.

The most common Zoloft withdrawal symptom at this stage and throughout will be head symptoms. Use the Omega 3 Supreme for those. Just increase the amount you take of the omega by one softgel and that should do it. If you need to increase by two softgels go ahead and do that but once head symptoms are gone reduce the omega back down again.

If you experience nausea, drink some ginger tea.

Week 3

Take the 50mg Zoloft pill and cut it in half.

The next 14 days take: (1) 100mg pill and the half of the 50mg pill you cut. This will give you 125mg for the next 14 days.

Week 4

Cut the 50mg pill in half and then half again, making quarters.

This week you will take each day: (1) 100mg pill and ¼ of a 50mg Zoloft pill.

The next 14 days you will be at 112.5mg of the Zoloft

Week 5

This week take (1) 100mg Zoloft pill each day.

Week 6

Take (1) 50mg Zoloft pill, (1) Zoloft pill you cut in half and (1) Zoloft quarter from a 50mg pill.

This amount will give you 87.5mg of Zoloft each week.

Week 7

You will cut (1) 50mg Zoloft pill in half.

Take (1) 50mg Zoloft pill and (1) of the halves of the 50mg Zoloft.

This gets you down to 75mg of Zoloft this week.

Week 8

Take (1) 50mg Zoloft pill and ¼ of the 50mg Zoloft you cut.

This gets you down to 62.5 this week.

Week 9 Take (1) 50mg Zoloft pill the next 14 days.

Week 10

This week you will cut the 50mg Zoloft in half.

Take 1 of the halves and cut it in half.

You will take the ½ Zoloft pill and one of the quarter slices the next 7 days. This gets you too 37.5mg of Zoloft.

Week 11

Take ½ of a 50mg Zoloft pill each day for the week.

This gets you to 12.5mg of Zoloft.

Take this amount for the next 14 days.

Week 12 Take (1) of the ¼ Zoloft slices from the 50mg pill this week.

This is an extra step the other dosages don’t need but the 12.5mg dosage to zero is a bit too much.