Zoloft 50mg

1. You will need to have the 25mg pill of Zoloft for the taper. Get with your prescribing physician and show them this taper method and they will write the new prescription for the 25mg Zoloft dosage.

2. Order the supplements you will need to take at this time, get a pill cutter from a local pharmacy and continue taking the 50mg Zoloft as you have until you have everything needed and are ready to begin reducing.

Supplements you will need: Neuro Day, Neuro Night, JNK Formula, Omega 3 Supreme

To order supplements: Click here

Once the supplements arrive, you are ready to begin what we call the Pre-Taper.

Week 1 How to take supplements:

Click here for How to Take Supplements. That simple Reminder; do not reduce the Zoloft during the first week.

Week 2 Take 1 of the 25mg Zoloft pills and cut in half.

Take 1 the Zoloft pill you cut in half and cut it in half.

You will now take (1) 25mg pill, the pill that is now one half size and (1) of the slices you cut from the half pill. This gives you 43.75mg of Zoloft daily.

Take your Zoloft like this every day for the next 14 days. Continue taking the supplements as you did during week 1 Pre-Taper.

If you get any head symptoms, brain zaps (electric jolt that runs from base of neck up into the skull), dizziness, virtually head symptom, increase the amount of Omega 3 Supreme. Increase by 1 softgel to begin with. If no relief you may need to increase by 2 softgels. Normally head symptoms begin at a certain time of the day if they even begin. Let’s say they start at noon every day. Take the Omega 3 at 11am. Whenever they may begin, take the Omega an hour before.

You can do the same with the Neuro Day for anxiety or a restless feeling. If that begins at noon, take the Neuro Day at 11am.

Week 3 Take (1) of the 25mg Zoloft pills, take ½ of the other 25mg pills you cut with the pill slicer. This gives you 37.5mg of Zoloft daily. Follow the instructions during week 2 if needed with supplements.

Week 4 Take (1) 25mg Zoloft pill. Cut another Zoloft pill in half and cut that half in half.

Taking these two pills will total 31.75 Zoloft each day. Take like this for the next 14 days.

Week 5 Take the (1) 25mg Zoloft daily for the next 14 days.

Week 6 Cut the 25mg Zoloft in half.

Take one half and cut it in half. You will take the half Zoloft pill and (1) of the quarters. This will give you 18.75mg of Zoloft and take like this for the next 14 days.

Week 7 Cut the 25mg Zoloft pill in half. Take the one half pill for the next 14 days. This will give you 12.5mg of Zoloft and continue like this for the next 7 days.

Week 8 Cut the 25mg of Zoloft in half and then cut each half in half. You will take (1) of the quarter pills each day for the next 14 days.

The amount of Zoloft you are now taking daily is 6.25mg. Continue taking the supplements for 45 additional days after the last Zoloft went into your body. Time to heal the body a little now. If at any time during the reduction of the Zoloft the Zoloft withdrawal is too much for you to handle: Go back up to the last dosage you were doing fine at, remain at that dosage at least 14 more days. Get stable again. Then when you reduce again, reduce the Zoloft slower. This might mean less of a reduction amount or wait 14 days before each reduction.